General Terms and Conditions


What we are all about

Welcome to your first class with Bossa Latina! The Bossa crew like to do things differently here. Bossa Latina is all about learning dance YOUR way. We want you to feel comfortable, to have fun, and to learn how to dance in your own unique style.

Here at Bossa Latina, you will find our conventional latin dance classes that you can just enrol in as well as our private group classes. This option give you the opportunity to create your own class with your friends. We invite you to make suggestions as to what style/s you want to learn, what length of course you want to do and how many people you want in your class. We want you to feel awesome about your dance and we want you to have fun on the way to that place. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel comfortable and to be able to put your walls down. We encourage you to speak up in class, to tell your teacher what you need help with and what you would like to revise. We are all about You and our teachers at Bossa Latina go at your pace.


But before you put on your dancing shoes and start having fun… we need you to read some important stuff so we are all clear about how things work at Bossa Latina.


Health and risk assessment

We want to keep dance fun and as a part of that we have to keep you safe. Please advise your teacher prior to class if you have any injuries or health issues so they can suggest alternative activities if necessary. As a student of Bossa Latina, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing at all times whilst attending classes, rehearsals, parties and other social events.


Bossa Latina takes all reasonable care in the conduct of the classes and activities it runs and supports. Bossa Latina classes are run in professional settings by professional instructors. Bossa Latina accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during any of its classes or events in any location. Dancers, students and participants attending these activities are responsible for ensuring that they are physically and mentally fit for the practice undertaken and must at all times take care of their own personal safety.


The participants, and for any participant who is under the age of 18, their guardian, warrants and certifies that

1.    The participant is fully responsible for the safety, management and care of their bodies whilst in the studio.

2.    The participant is not currently injured or currently under any rehabilitation supervision for old injuries and re-occurring physical injuries or health conditions that might be affected by participation in these classes and activities.

3.    The participant is not the subject of an ongoing worker’s compensation claim.

4.    The participant will immediately inform the instructor of any physical difficulties or injuries that occur during the classes or activities.

5.    The participant will report to Bossa Latina and fill out an incident report within two hours of the injury occurring.


Payment of Fees

Fees must be made in full prior to the class or course you have enrolled in.

Payment can be made via cash or card (debit & Credit).

If paying by cash, the correct amount must be paid on the day of your class or the first class of a course.



You have 14 days from the first class to decide to leave the course. If you decide before the 14 days you will be eligible for a 50% refund. If you decide to leave the course after the 14 days, unfortunately no refund will apply. Furthermore, no refund applies for any missed classes.


Unable to attend one of your classes in a course?

We understand that life is busy and sometimes you may not be able to make your class. If you can’t attend for any reason you must advise us either by phone 0450 698 769 or email We ask for 24 hours notice. Please discuss with your teacher about options for attending a make up class the following week. This will be in the level below in your chosen style and may not always be possible as is subject to availability. If we are not given 24 hours notice of your non-attendance no make up class will be given. If you know that you will miss 4 or more classes in a term speak to us and we can offer you a private lesson at a reduced cost to help you get up to speed with the material you miss.



Private Groups Classes

Bossa Latina offers small group classes specifically tailored to you, so unfortunately if you miss a class we cannot offer you a catch up class. We can however offer you a private lesson at a reduced cost to help you get up to speed with the material you missed if you miss 4 class.


Replacing a student in a small group class

If a student decides to leave a course, the other students that remain may be able to invite another student to take their place, however this must be discussed with the teacher to assess skill level and suitability.


Booking Private Lessons

Private lessons can be bought individually or in a pack of 5 at a reduced cost. If an individual lesson is bought, a date and time must be booked at the time of purchase. If a pack of 5 is bought, all 5 lessons must be booked at the time of purchase and must be completed within 3 months of purchase. This is with the exception of gift vouchers.


Unable to attend a booked private lesson

We require 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend your private lesson for any reason. If notice is not given outside of this 48 hour window, a late cancellation fee will apply. The late cancellation fee is 50% of the class fee. If the class fee has already been paid, then the 50% can come off the price of the next class you attend. If the fee has not already been paid, then the late cancellation fee is payable prior to your next class.


Pricing and availability

Each course timeslot and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Bossa Latina.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available. All gift vouchers are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. The recipient of a gift voucher has 21 days from the date of purchase to contact Bossa Latina and book time and dates for their lessons. All classes must be completed within 6 months of purchase.


Public Holidays

Bossa Latina operates during public holidays. Please check with your teacher as to which public holidays apply.


Enrolling after Term has commenced

Late enrolments may be possible depending on availability. Please contact us to discuss a possible reduced fee. We may require you to attend a private lesson to catch up with the material that was missed.


Photography, video and digital recording

Whilst attending classes, rehearsals, parties and events organised by Bossa Latina, you consent to Bossa Latina taking photographs and videos. Bossa Latina reserves the right to use photographs and videos in any medium, including the website, social media, brochures or for other marketing purposes.


Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal information is very important to Bossa Latina . We will not sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third party. We will take special care to protect the privacy and security of your information.


Please note all terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Bossa Latina.