Block 5 Timetable 2019

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2019 Blocks

Block 1: January 7 - February 28
Block 2: March 4 - April 25
Block 3: April 29 - June 20
Block 4: July 1 - August 22
Block 5: August 26 - October 17
Block 6: October 21 - December 12

Latin Dance Classes Brisbane

We are very excited to announce the release of our Block 5 timetable for 2019.

The block STARTS on Monday 26 August and finishes on Thursday 17 October (8 weeks block).  

Enrol in a 8 week latin dance course of your favourite style, or if you are new to Latin dance, try our 8 week Beginner course (see Beginner Classes Page for more information). For the dance crazy, like us, enrol in 2 or 3 courses and save!

Latin Dance Class Prices (8wk Block)
(Beginner class price see
Beginner Classes Page )

Foundation Level Upwards
1 course in Block 4: $22.47 per class ($179.76 total).
2 courses in Block 4: $19.32 per class ($309.19 total).
3 courses in Block 4: $16.85 per class ($404.46 total).
4 courses in Block 4: $14.83 per class ($474.57 total).

Improvers Level
1 course in Block 4: $18.19 per class ($145.52 total).
2 courses in Block 4: $15.64 per class ($250.29 total).
3 courses in block 4: $13.64 per class ($327.42 total).
4 courses in Block 4: $12.01 per class ($384.17 total).

Solidifying Deal (Only available for classes of the same style of dance)
Now you know the pattern, go back and uncover the technical elements that create a stronger dancer. Solidify your technique by attending lower level classes for a reduced rate. To see prices scroll down to the correct tile.

What Level Are You?

The learning process varies for everyone. Levels are not only based on the number of years your have danced the style. Rather also taking into account an individual’s understandings of certain concepts and steps required for each level. Before enrolling or moving class, please contact us to discuss.

Beginner: No experience necessary or if you are unsure of which style to learn.
Improvers: At least 2 months experience.
Foundation: At least 1.5 year of experience.
Intermediate: At least 3 year of experience.
Upper-Intermediate: At least 4 year of experience.
Invitational: Invitational only.


At Bossa Latina, many classes are capped at 26 people per class to give you a more personal and tailored learning experience. Book now to reserve your spot!

If the class you want is full or not at a time convenient for you, please contact us. Bossa Latina is all about flexibility- we invite you to send us your requests. We are always open to suggestions

4 Week Short Courses

Join Kristi for a 4 week workshop series which will focus on connection and body mechanics for both leaders and followers.

$90 per 4 week short course.

What will be Covered
1. Establishing connection and the secrets of the perfect lead and follow
2. Pro tips to being on time and how to never miss a move
3. Simple ways to make your dancing more musical

For leaders:
- how to gain clarity as a leader
- when to lead different moves and how to be more musical
- how to encourage followers to stop guessing what to do
- tricks to read your partner better, so you can tailor your lead to be most effective for that follower

For followers:
- the art of letting go!
- how to harness basic human instincts to make following automatic, rather than premeditated
- techniques that will allow you to follow anything

Dance level - minimal level requirement
This course is for dancers with a minimum dance level of Improver level in any partnered dance style.