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Brazilian Zouk Choreography

Become part of a team – Join the Bossa Latina’s choreography course.

It is 19 weeks of fun filled performance training for a Brazilian Zouk Choreography. We will explore a new way of learning Brazilian Zouk through choreography. This will give you the chance to concentrate on the finer details of steps and styling. This is a chance to advance your dancing and improve your stage presence. At the end of the 19 weeks we have the possibly perform at Brazouky, Zouk Sensation & the ADC, as well as other festivals if available throughout the year.

Information Sessions
Date: Monday 16 September 8:30pm - 9:30pm

 No cost or commitment required for this information session. This will allow you to meet other interested dancers, discuss the 19 week process of creating the choreography & ask any questions.

1.Foundation or above zouk level (if unsure of your level please email us).
2. Attend at least 1 Bossa Latina Brazilian Zouk class a week in order to work technique. During Choreography training, the time will be used to work on formations, styling etc. Technique required for the choreography is learnt during normal classes.

Course Plan & Dates
4 weeks in Block 5 2019 (weeks 5 -8): From 23 September - 17 October
8 weeks in Block 6 2019: 21 October - 12 December
5 weeks in Block 1 2019 (weeks 1-5): 6 Jan - 6 February
Debut performance Saturday 8 February.
2 weeks before first performance at a festival (weeks 6 & 7 of block 12020).

After the information sessions, training times and days will be confirmed depending on the teams availability.
Mondays 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Thursdays 6:10pm - 7:10pm

Possibilites of team:
Possibilities of 2 teams depending on levels and training availability.

Price (19 weeks course):
Total cost of the 19 weeks: $426.93 ($22.47 per class)

Payment to be paid per block.
Block 5 2019 (4 weeks): $89.88
Block 6 2019 (8 weeks): $179.76
Block 1 2020 (5 weeks): $112.34
* these prices do not include the cost of additional classes enrolled during this time.

Other cost to consider:
When budgeting for performances, please remember that most festivals require you to purchase:
-transport, accommodation, food & festival pass
For the choreography you will be required to purchase a costume.
-Females: Costume (dress), tights, shoes
-Males: Costumes (pants, top), shoes, socks

Possibilities to perform
1. Brazouky (Melbourne): 21- 23 February 2020
2. Zouk Sensation (Singapore): 28 February- 1 March
3. Australian Dance Cup (Gold Coast): 22 - 24 May

Registration is essential, please fill out the form below.
If you are unable to attend the information session or have any further questions please email us.

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Festivals which you will be attending
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